Monday, May 13, 2013

Save Everything But The Toilet Paper

There’s an unspoken rule about the clothesline next to the pila. Sometimes shirts and socks will hang for a week, two weeks, get wet in the rain and dry again, and once they reach a hang time of a month, it is free to be gathered.

Have I mentioned how the laundry works? There is an area in the middle of campus that looks curiously like a medieval town fountain, with four concrete washboard/sinks and two very large pools of water. The soap comes in 

I have turned into a clothesline refurbisher! A wholesome hole patcher! One that hems, designs, and constant knotter. I guess a lack of yarn and crochet hooks have left me seeking a new hand distraction.
And....the bedroom.

One: Adorn a camouflage Camel Pack with bright square patches (because it kept being too camoflagued, and lost.)

Two: Patch a yucky sweater for a roommate notorious for…holey clothing.

Three: Take a pair leftover of jeans, cut and disfigured, and make adorable shorts.

Four: Reclaim a T-shirt and cover enormous holes with patch hearts. Also adorable.

Five: Sound of Music style, make a headband out of used curtain.

Up next: beautifying a 25 cent sunflower dress, far too long.

And every time I string up a needle and thread, I see my Grandpa nodding his head in approval. Nothing gets thrown away.

*In fact, everything gets burned. This morning I took a giant box of garbage and used toilet paper (no flushing allowed!) to the “garbage burn” area and spent five minutes trying to get it to light. There’s nothing more exasperating than failing to spark a toilet paper bonfire.

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