Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I am 25 years old, I've watched a lot of sunsets over different oceans, I've kicked up dust on multi-colored roads and put in over a hundred hours of bum-numbing flight time. 

It could have been a phase, it could have been exploration, it could have been sprinting from home, it could have been curiosity. Whatever the reason, I've had a lot to say about the world, and I thought  now, at an appropriate age, time was ripe for the house-car-dog priorities of an adult. 

I love working hard, and I love reward. I loved stuffing my money belt with colorful bills of inflated foreign currency, flying home, putting it away and saving it for the next big thing. What is the next big thing?

Oh heck, isn't that the question? What's the next little thing? Between you, me, and the tarmac, I didn't think I'd travel much more besides vacation (What's a vacation?) And then something came up quite suddenly, and I had to think, is this appropriate for the post-graduate traveller, or the adult in me?

Art for Humanity is a non-profit in backcountry Honduras that has built a school for young women. It teaches, it farms, it builds, and goodness knows what other little nuggets of karma. It is run by volunteers. The permanent staff don't have an income to speak of, except that all living necessities are provided. It's a hard place to establish a career where you have to border run every three months, just so you can stay a little longer.

I love reward, and I've accepted that this time, money is not the currency. I'm shoving off in less than four weeks to pass three Spring months in Central America, sling around some major espaƱol, and hopefully leave with a money belt full of nothing, but a spirit full of superpowers. 

I would love to tell you about it.

And preparation begins...